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Art of the Dead Deluxe Box Set


As the ART OF THE DEAD demonstrates, Grateful Dead inspired the most iconic and enduring artwork in rock history. It also clearly establishes Stanley Mouse as a key architect of this phenomenal legacy. Starting with the band's seminal concert posters, albums covers and merchandise designs, Mouse's ongoing contributions laid the very foundations for the Long Strange Trip's visual style guide—images that would be adopted forever by Dead Heads everywhere. More than anyone else, Stanley put the face on music's and one of America's most vital communities.

Sometime after Jerry's passing and the group's retirement, Mouse began addressing Grateful Dead on a new level, in a fine art series of oil paintings. This dynamic collection became the new outlet for the unique personal aesthetic that he had developed over the course of almost fifty years. Just as he had chronicled the band's performance career, Stanley has successfully enshrined the perpetual spirit of the legendary group as only he can. These paintings embody the world of the Grateful Dead and Dead Head experience as never before.

Mouse Studios, in cooperation with Soft Skull Press, proudly presents the very limited ART OF THE DEAD fine art print series:

Deluxe Box Sets—225 matched numbered sets of three giclée prints, boxed with a first edition copy of the ART OF THE DEAD. Purchasers select their set number on a first come, first serve basis. Some low numbers are still available. For a limited time, we are offering all remaining sets at the very special price of $420.

  • Three 11" x 17," previously unpublished, archival giclee prints produced in San Francisco under Stanley's supervision directly from his original oil paintings and incorporated into no more than 225 unique sets.

    • Easy Rider
    • Pyramid Jester
    • Story

  • Highest resolution giclee prints, individually created on Moab Natural Entrada, Fine Art, certified archival, 308 gsm, 100% cotton, environmentally sound paper.

  • Each set personally pulled, compiled, hand-signed and numbered with Stanley at Mouse Studios.

  • Each order shipped in custom Art Of The Dead wooden storage box branded with Stanley's Easy Rider image along with a first edition copy of ART OF THE DEAD.